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In a world where absolutes seem to be slipping away, you can count on this: Mike Green won’t ask you to do anything he wouldn’t do. That’s the good news. The bad news––or superb news, depending on your current frame of mind––is this is a guy who hitchhiked from New York to Alaska just to prove a point. “I hitchhiked to Alaska with no money or food,” Green confirms, before laughing and adding, “on purpose.”

Green’s story reads like missing pages of Hemingway, London, and Melville: a globetrotting odyssey dreamed up and lived out by a scrappy kid from western New York whose insatiable curiosity won’t let him settle for secondhand knowledge. He’s honest, resourceful, and boisterously good company, with a dogmatic belief in the essential goodness of people that’s contagious. Today, Green is also a highly sought-after business coach whose experience has included heavy hitters such as Chevron, Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), and others. He moves easily between vastly different arenas––from deep-water rigs to downtown corporate suites.

Over the past 20 years, Green has worked and traveled extensively throughout all seven continents and almost 60 countries, tackling a broad slate of demanding jobs along the way. He says all environments, no matter how extreme, share a fundamental need: people who are brave enough to be themselves.

Green is not just philosophizing: he’s lived his ideology in high-stakes ways. Stints as an Outward Bound instructor leading adjudicated youth through rugged terrain in the U.S, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, and Scotland, as well as launching a program for juvenile criminals for the Russian government and teaching a college course in which he led students on an 85-day exploration of Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru make up his early résumé. Next, he taught global history to high school students in his hometown, and began leading big-game hunting expeditions on horseback through Alaskan mountain ranges. Positions with KBR in Iraq, working with multinational militaries, the U.S. State Department, local government officials, and many others to ensure project progress and safety followed, before working as the Lead Air Transportation and Cargo Lead for the McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

In 2007, Green began his performance coaching career on land rigs in Arkansas––a rough-and-tumble environment in which he excelled. He was called in to work with crews recently hit by time-lost injuries or death. It became his job to help everyone, from the top down, realize why such a costly mistake had occurred, and to recondition the atmosphere and patterns that had allowed it. Success led him to launch his own company, and then, he went off shore. New assignments took him to ultra deep water wells and new challenges.

Green’s unique personal history has shaped his dramatically effective coaching philosophy and practice. A firm believer in the idea that people are capable of so much more than they’ve even imagined, he eschews traditional executive coaching in favor of exhuming each individual’s natural motivators and connecting them to their talents and already finely honed skills in order to achieve new highs. He’s skeptical of one-size-fits-all coaching models, and instead, tailors each engagement to the person at the center of it. Together, Green and his clients examine individual values, abilities, and goals with the overarching aim of creating new, lasting leadership habits. When he takes on a new client, he asks them to take risks, from personal stretching to investing in the coaching relationship, and to accept the unease that comes inherently with growth. “We get wound up in our day-to-day lives and forget who we are sometimes,” he says. “People want to be brave––many of them just don’t know how. It’s my passion to help them find the courage to believe in themselves.”



I believe that without coaching, excellent leaders/people will continue to produce average results. I am a Performance Coach that works with leaders using a Fit for Purpose approach to coaching. Each coaching engagement is aligned with each leader’s values, abilities and acumen to refresh thinking and create new leadership habits. Unlike traditional executive coaches, I help discover your natural motivators and couple them with your innate talents and learned skills to reach new leadership levels.

Fit for Purpose is a highly customized approach to leadership coaching that focuses on specific personalities, conditions and objectives. Stages of Fit for Purpose coaching include:

1. Define the Truth.

Guide you through a truth-based conversation about what is and isn’t working for you and your team. Have a no BS discussion on options, realities and what happens if we don’t address the situation—and the positive outcomes to anticipate with change. Together, we will define what success means for you and create a picture of what a positive outcome looks like.

2. Hold up the Mirror.

Use science-based behavioral and motivational assessments to see yourself and your team from a different view. Amplify things that that you do know and illuminate what you don’t know using:

  • DISC
  • TriMetrixHD
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Peer feedback

3. Agent of Change.

We will conduct an honest audit of strengths and limiters for you and your team, review of current behaviors and define what new tools and habits are needed.

  1. Plan for Success.

    Neutralize as many risks and unknowns as possible. Co-determine action steps, desired outcomes and key performance indicators and measurement.

  2. Get it Done.

    Situational coaching, which includes observation of behaviors and responses from and to others to train you how to change your culture. This step holds you accountable for what we committed to and can be adjusted as necessary to new realities and opportunities.


You and your team of transformed leaders will become long-term high performers who will improve the culture, attract new talent and grow the business.

See more of how Mike works, he’s around the web here.

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International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach
Boulder, Colorado

  • Increasing productivity, safety, reliability and efficiency
  • Empowering people to reach their potential through Solution-Focused Coaching
  • Enabling clients to reach operational excellence and maximum personnel development
  • Building cohesive organizational mindset, values and performance
  • Creating cultures of engagement, action and initiative
  • Coaching the full organizational spectrum: from leadership teams to general laborers
  • Facilitating communication across teams and between partner organizations
  • Integrating deeply into client culture to promote organic and sustainable behavior change

A coach’s time on a drill ship can range from 10 to 14 days a month and a typical day is 12 to 14 hours. During this time, coaches provide private one-on-one coaching and group/team coaching for a crew of 170 to 190 workers.



Performance Rig Coach / Safety and Leadership Facilitator
Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Behavior-Based Safety and Leadership Coaching: On-rig interventions to transform teams experiencing injuries or high levels of collateral damage into high-performance, conscientious and invested workers
  • Assisted rig superintendents identify operational goals and foster vision statement through crews
  • Created a “mentoring culture” – both up and down. Designed programs to help rig managers develop leadership skills among their direct reports.
  • Facilitated an 83% increase in program adoption in fewer than 8 weeks and a significant reduction in safety incidents.
  • Training Facilitator for 2 to 3 day courses in the areas of Safety Leadership, Behavior-Based Safety Training, HSE Leadership Development Program, and Supervisor Safety Training Facilitator for the petroleum and other high-risk industries

3 out of 5 Land Based Drill Rigs continue to go without a OSHA Recordable since Aug 2011.


Health, Safety, and Environment Coordinator
Ad Balad, Iraq

  • Created safety and health programs for regulatory personnel, clients, subcontractors, and Iraqi Nationals
  • Developed and implemented safety risk management programs for corporate and developing-nation subcontractors
  • Provided ongoing assessment of both the external (outside the wire) and internal risk that comes with the task of building, maintaining, and decommissioning a compound so that the workforce inside could work safely and efficiently without harmful contact with outside forces, in addition to managing the risks that come with many different multinational groups working within close proximity building a small base out of which the military operates
  • Investigated incidents and injuries and prepared comprehensive daily reports encompassing all on-base operations, from construction, human resources, logistics and multi-organizational and multinational collaboration
  • Provided construction site safety direction and consultation to the managers of approximately 3,500 subcontractors (US citizens and multicultural employees)


Operations and Logistics Coordinator
Ad Najaf, Iraq

  • Implemented and documented all stages of projects on base for multinational militaries, US military, US State Department, and KBR. Projects included building, sustaining, and decommissioning Military Forward Operating Bases

  • Worked with multicultural camp managers, military personnel, and all foreman to ensure seamless project management

  • Collaborated directly with high-level military personnel to ensure project progress and uphold safety guidelines for all workers

  • Tracked government property, personnel, and supply inventories to and from active base

  • Negotiated with developed national governments regarding project bids and contracts



Lead Air Transportation and Cargo Foreman
McMurdo Station, Antarctica

  • Managed a transportation team that utilized heavy equipment including C-130 and C-17 aircraft in extreme working conditions

  • Fostered a cooperative relationship between all aircrews and Air National Guard (ANG) personnel

  • Coordinated all cargo operations at multiple airfields operated by the U.S. Antarctica Program

  • Inspected and ensured proper handling of all highly visible, expensive, and fragile scientific equipment and cargo for safe transportation in and out of aircraft



Coal Miner 1
Paonia, Colorado

  • Operator of heavy equipment for underground mining in a high-risk environment
  • Crew Safety Leader for a crew of 62 workers
  • Educator for new MSHA Mandated safety procedures and risk management systems for crews
  • Pre-shift inspector of work areas and equipment


Lead Instructor
Hurricane Island SLOBS/ USA, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Scotland, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru

  • Responsible for creating a safe environment and rewarding experience for all participants while executing tasks in several harsh environments, including isolated and rugged terrains
  • Exemplified and educated students on the outdoor education philosophy of Kurt Hahn’s “4 Pillars”: Service, Craftsmanship, Physical Fitness, and Compassion
  • Guided students through a variety of dangerous elements during the 85-day course spanning three countries
  • Taught first aid and CPR to fellow instructors and participants
  • “Without Mike’s support and guidance I would not have felt half as prepared mentally, physically, or mechanically. I recommend Mike to anyone planning an adventure that will test them to the limits of their abilities.”

    -Brady Van Matre, Baja 500

  • “My honest opinion of Mike is that he is a Performance Coach that instills in men how to be real men to each other. He taught me that personally and I know he left his mark on Rig 36.”

    -Don Caffrey

  • “It is very rare in life to find someone you absolutely know will not disappoint. Mike is a masterful guide, personal coach and spirited individual who understands the many facets of life.”

    -D. Swift, Alaksa

  • “Working in Antarctica poses a unique set of challenges: diverse crew, tough conditions, long hours, remote location. Mike skillfully guided us through a season of handling delicate scientific cargo around the continent. A natural leader, Mike instilled a sense of trust and camaraderie, overcame challenges and produced results.”

    -Kai Turner, Air Transport Coordinator, McMurdo Station, Antarctica












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